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Dry mix mortar raw materials

Lançado em 07. 21, 2021

Dry mix mortar raw material and composition


There are many types of dry-mix mortar, and its composition is also more complicated. To produce dry-mixed mortar, local mineral resources should be used as much as possible. The raw materials are generally as follows:The gel material uses cement, gypsum, lime, etc. The main aggregates are river sand, quartz sand, machine-made sand, limestone, dolomite, perlite, etc. Mineral admixtures are mainly industrial by-products, industrial wastes and some natural ores, such as slag, fly ash, pozzolan, fine silica powder. Main additives includes construction grade cellulose ether HPMC and MHEC as the water retention agent and other dry mix mortar additives, for example: RDP-redispersible polymer powder, PCE, PVA etc.

1.Classifiy of dry mix mortar raw materials

Gel materials

Ordinary Portland Cement
Sulphoaluminate cement
Special cement


River sand
Quartz sand
Machine-made sand,
Dolomite perlite

Mineral admixtures

Fly ash
Fine silica powder
Calcium carbonate


Construction grade cellulose ether
HPMC-hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
MHEC-Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose
Redispersible polymer powder
Starch ether HPS
PP fiber
Calcium formate

2.Functions of the raw materials of dry mix mortar

Gel materials

Cement: powdery hard inorganic gel material, which forms a slurry after mixing with water, which can harden better in water, and can firmly cement sand, stone and other materials together.

Lime: an air-hardening inorganic gel material that condenses and hardens in the air. Good plasticity, but large volume shrinkage and poor water resistance.

Gypsum: Air-hardening inorganic gel material, fast setting and hardening, light weight, but poor water resistance and frost resistance.


Sand and gravel aggregates act as a skeleton in the mortar to transmit stress, while restraining shrinkage and preventing cracking.

Mineral admixtures

The admixture is an inorganic material added to the mortar to improve the workability of the mortar. It can replace part of the cement. It can not only reduce the cost, but also improve the workability of the mortar, increase the air permeability, reduce the heat of hydration, and reduce Particle separation reduces shrinkage and cracking of the mortar.


Addtivies is very important to the function and quality of the dry mix mortar products. 
Construction grade cellulose ether HPMC and MHEC is a basic and important additives in dry mix mortar products. Could adjust the setting and provide high performance of water retention, make sure all the additives and cement have enough water to reach the best performance. Meanhile choose right grade cellulose ether HPMC and MHEC could reduce the risk of craking and increase the workability. 

3.Important additives - construction grade cellulose ether HPMC , MHEC and RDP in dry mix mortar

Dry mix mortar additives


Construction grade cellulose ether

HPMC-hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

MHEC-Methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose

Increase bonding strength between mortar and the surface base. 

Increase the workability

Increase water retention



Adjust the setting time


Redispersible polymer powder

Good flexibility

Improve workability

Reduce water absorption

Increase adhesion strength

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Dry mix mortar raw materials

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